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NatureTech’s GEN-X-3™: A Breakthrough Innovation in the War on Germs


  •  Nurseries
    •  Toys
    •  Bedding
  •  Kitchen
    •  Surfaces   (Hard or Soft)
  •  Cutting Boards
  •  Sinks
  •  Counters
  •  Tables
  •  Foods
    •  Meat *
    •  Poultry *
    •  Seafood*
    •  Produce
    •  Tomatoes
    •  Lettuce
    •  Strawberries

* When using on Meat, Poultry, and Fish products dilute 3:1 ratio with tap water

  •  Bathrooms
    •  Showers
    •  Tubs
    •  Sinks
    •  Shower Curtains
  •  Bedrooms
    •  Sheets
    •  Curtains
    •  Covers
    •  Comforters
    •  Carpets
  •  Around the House
    •  Allergies
    •  Smoke Odors
    •  Pet Odors
    •  Vaporizers
    •  Air Conditioners
    •  Dehumidifiers
    •  Furnaces
    •  Car upholstery
    •  Any Mold or Mildew

Until now, keeping one’s household or workplace free from harmful bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms often meant maintaining cabinets full of expensive, environmentally unfriendly chemical disinfectants and sanitizers.

NatureTech Solutions, a leader in green cleaning and sanitizing systems, has changed all that with the release of an innovative new weapon in the fight against household germs: GEN-X-3™ .
The GEN-X-3™  system consists of a compact docking station and hand-held applicator that together create a powerful, chemical-free sanitizing/disinfecting solution (HOCl) that is 80-200 times more powerful than chlorine , yet 100% safe for people, animals and planet.
Using the convenient and economical GEN-X-3™  system, consumers can now kill infection-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores without the expense and health hazards associated with chemically based cleaning products.

For more information on the GEN-X-3™  system, contact NatureTech Solutions, Inc. at 717-394-2275 or email us at


NTS 5000 NTS 5000

Model NTS-5000 wall mount unit will also be featured at the NRA Show—Booth 8228. This machine provides up to 60+ gallons of sanitizer / disinfectant per hour to support a foodservice, education office or professional application. Its compact wall mounted design provides easy installation in even the most limited spaces like foodservice kitchens and janitor closets.

NTS NRA Show Press Release
NTS NRA Show Press Release 042013.pdf
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About NatureTech Solutions (NTS)

Based in Lancaster, PA, NatureTech Solutions (NTS) manufactures and distributes a variety of machines that produce powerful chemical-free sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning solutions on-site and on-demand. The scalable NatureTech Solutions product line has a model for every foodservice operation, regardless of size. Models include the 13.5 oz. GEN-X-3™ system (the world's smallest handheld mini-generator) as well as wall-mount, table top, and floor units that, respectively, produce anywhere up to 16 - 400 gallons per hour.

While environmentally friendly to humans and animals, NTS systems produce chemical-free solutions that are 80 - 200 times more powerful than chlorine.



For additional information, interview opportunities, or to learn more about the GEN-X-3TM system, visit our website at or contact Shane Louthian 717-668-0833 / or NatureTech Solutions, Inc. 717-394-2275 / .